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Visit of Delville Wood



With special thanks to the generous donators


German bayonet M1898/05 found in a garden of Longueval.

Donated by Mrs M. DEMAISON.

Coats of Arms of Longueval

Donated to the Republic of South Africa by Mr and Mrs BOURDIER DE LONGUEVAL.

Donated by the Army Staff Ride "Somme 1916"

Donated by Mr André MALAN, of Cape Town, South Africa.

Picture of the "Weeping Cross of Delville Wood" in Pietermaritzburg, donated by Mrs Melanie VENESS, of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Princess Mary Gift Fund 1914 Box and contents, donated by Mr. Richard Martin TRURAN, of Cardiff, Wales.

Ampoule of tincture of iodine, donated by Miss EULALIE, of Longueval (found in her garden).

South African military history books, donated by Mr Brian HOGGARD.

Offensive Diskushandgranate M1915, donated by Mr Lionel MARLEUX, Maurepas, Somme.

Donated by Mr Edward WOODS and Mrs. Shannon BYRNE, on behalf of SAINT JOHN'S COLLEGE, Johannesburg.

German bayonet and two Lee-Enfield oil bottles, donated by Mr Michel DEVALCKENEER.

Book The Cape Town Carillon, Stellenbosch University (ISBN 978-0-620-58688-7), donated by MM. Tertius DE WET and Jef L. TEUGELS.


Book Chasing von Lettow-Vorbeck, Tucan books (ISBN 978-1-907516-23-8) donated by Mr Richard PULLEN.


Armoiries de Longueval

Offerte à la République Sud Africaine par Monsieur et Madame BOURDIER DE LONGUEVAL et leur fille Laure Alexandra, en témoignage de reconnaissance envers les troupes sud-africaines qui ont courageusement combattues au cours de la Première Guerre mondiale afin de libérer le village de Longueval, berceau de leurs ancêtres, ainsi que pour marquer leur attachement à cette commune.


West Yorkshire Regiment badge found in the Longueval area.

Donated by Major (rtd) D.D.W. DEELER.


155mm shell case, made in Italy in June 1915

Donated by Mr Jean-Paul MINET.


Eagle feather of an Alpini's officer felt hat - Italian Army, WW2.

Donated by Mr Devide PEGADORO, of Baita Monte Asolone (Museo Guerra 1914-1918), Italy, and passed on to Mr Thapedi MASANABO, manager-curator of Delville Wood Museum, by Mr Dominique ZANARDI, of The Tommy at Pozières, and Mr Jean-Luc SAINT of the band The Jocks.


Donated by Mr Bill Deon POTGIETER, Mossel Bay, South Africa whose the Great father, Lance Sergeant Gerald Daniel POTGIETER was killed in Delville Wood.


Compass of Rudolf MICHALAK, Deutsches Afrikakorps

Donated by his son Rolf-Helmut MICHALAK, Dorsten, Germany


Bren Magazine

Donated by Mr Roland DENIS, Pepingen, Belgium


Framed photograph of Jackie, mascot of the 3rd S.A.I.


Framed photograph of Pvt G.H. LEDDRA killed in Delville Wood


Donated by Mr D.EMPSON and his friends D. Pheasent, H. Williamson, P. Dearsley, P. Garwood and C. Woods, Suffolk Branch, Western Front Association.


Pocket watch found in Delville Wood and donated by Mr G. ALLEN, Strood, Kent.


Diary of Private T. TURNER, 3rd S.A.I.

Donated by his daughter, Mrs GODFREY


Programme of Delville Wood Memorial unveiling ceremony, 10th October 1926.

Donated by the late Mrs J. SCOTT, Cheshire.


Memorial Plaque to Ernest Frederick GOUWS, 4th S.A.I., killed in action on the 19th July 1918 (Rest in peace in Meteren Military Cemetery).

Donated by his family.


Binoculars and Webley revolver case used by Lt F. ENGLISH in Delville Wood.

Donated by his family.