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Visit of Delville Wood


Three South African Victoria Crosses won on the Western front.


William Frederick FAULDS, V.C.


1stSouth African Infantry Regiment

Delville Wood - 18/20 July 1916.

A bombing party came under very heavy rifle and machine-gun fire and the majority were killed or wounded, including the lieutenant in charge, who lay unable to move midway between the two lines of trench. In full daylight Private Faulds, accompanied by two other men, climbed over the parapet, ran out, picked up the officer and carried him back. Two days later private Faulds went out alone, under intense artillery fire, and brought in a wounded man and then rejoined his platoon.

Lance Corporal 

William Henry HEWITT, V.C.


2nd South African Infantry Regiment

Ypres - 20th September 1917

Lance Corporal Hewitt attacked a pill box with his section and tried to rush the doorway. The garrison, however, proved very stubborn and in the attempt the lance-corporal received a severe wound. Nevertheless he proceeded to the loophole of the pill box where, in his attemps to put a bomb in it, he was again wounded in the arm. Undeterred, he finally managed to get the bomb inside where it dislodged the occupants and they were successfully dealt with by the rest of the section.




Norfolk Regiment, C.O. of the 1st Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusilier

Marcoing - 20th November 1917

When a party of men were held up on the near side of a canal by heavy rifle fire, Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood-Kelly at once ordered covering fire, personally led his leading company across the canal and then reconnoitred, under heavy fire, the high ground held by the enemy. He took a Lewis gun team, forced his way through the obstacles and covered the advance of his battalion, enabling them to capture the position. Later he led a charge against some pits from which heavy fire was coming, capturing 5 machine-guns and 46 prisoners.